These two Texas love birds are spending the holidays in Jackson with Erika’s family, and decided they wanted a winter engagement in the mountains to remember this chapter in their lives and share with friends & family back home.

I took them to a new spot I had been wanting to shoot at, and aside from freezing icy winds (to be expected in the mountains!), it was like being in a magical snow globe. Which, was even more fitting since it was one of Joseph’s first times seeing snow– and man, did he see some snow! He might be wishing they had chosen Hawaii for their trip, but I’m partial to a wintery magical holiday! (Then, let’s go to Hawaii ;))

I had so much fun with these two, and was so thankful they were so relaxed and ready for anything (post-holing was in full effect and it was NOT warm). I’m so grateful to work with folks like this– low maintenance, fun, easy-going, and fully trust my expertise.

Pro-Tip! I’m one of the photographers nationally who has become known for my work in extreme temps (which I’m so grateful for, and love teaching other artists and photographers about working in these conditions!) and while the pay-off can be huge, it takes a lot more planning and preparing than summer shoots do. One of the best suggestions I have for clients either getting ready to work with me during the winter, or interested in doing a session is to bring all the tricks you have for being extra goofy together. The more we stay focused on things other than the temps, and the more goofy we are, the quicker we get to warm up and the better the shots!

Thanks to my girl Tanya for her help with HMU! Check her out here.