I've always been a wandering soul & love experiencing new places and cultures, and I'd love to join you wherever it may be!

I was raised traveling all across the country and world & I am forever thankful for the gift my folks gave me in that love.

My folks cut out TV & the cool stuff the other kids had so that we could explore this world, and it’s the best thing they did for me. I’ve lived in New Zealand & Indonesia, traveled through most of Central America more than once, spent a month in Mexico for 4 years and I’m working on finishing off all 50 states. Whether you want to show me the place that makes your heart sing, or you want to hop on planes together and explore a new place or country, I’m in. I’ve got a lot of experience on the road & I’m pre-checked to get to new places faster. I take a *highly* limited number of travel bookings per year, so reach out as soon as you can!

Check out my travels for the year & shoot me a hey if you’re nearby, or if you want to add a new place to that list. I’m already packing!


Rooted: The Tetons (Jackson Hole, Jackson WY, Grand Teton National Park and Teton Valley, Idaho) & the Mountain West
*I also generally try to make a least one trip to Maine & Alaska yearly, so please reach out if you'd like to have me join you in either place as I have a additional few options! *

Man in black suit embraces new wife wearing Claire Pettingbone lace gown during sunset along the Pacific Coast in Big Sur