As a Jackson Hole photographer, I love to share this place I love with visitors, but I also love to share the spirit of the land and the people who live and work here.

On rare occasion, you happen upon two people that shake your core a bit because you are not only drawn to them and the life they pursue, but equally because of who they are when you kick back with them. Max & Tanya are very much those folks for me. We met in the valley, while a 4 day storm sent pounding snow & a strong wind across the grasslands at the National Elk Refuge.

Bundled in Filson from a past shoot they did with the legendary company for the working man & woman, they swung cowboy boots off the back of Max’s old Ford, shared a flask & cracked jokes with me. These two are some of gems this land offers, and I’m lucky to have them in my life as I write this. Tanya is a well-known and respected Jackson Hole ( and surrounding) hair and make-up artist who trained at the Aveda Institute and has been featured nationally.

If these images don’t capture the spirit of two babes in love with one another and this pristine land, nothing could.  Let’s drink to that.