‘The mountains are calling, and (we) must go.’ John Muir

Rebecca and Steven have to be some of the friendliest, happiest people I’ve ever met. They glow together, and are true partners in life. Chasing dreams together, supporting each other through location changes, and always using free time to explore the world in runs, hikes and just about every other possible way you can imagine. They felt a farm-to-table wedding was the perfect way to express the people they are, and found just the place to make that happen.

They found Bliss Ridge Farm, and knew that it was the perfect place to marry one-another.  Overlooking the mountains, this restored farm helped arrange everything, and offered some of the best food I’ve ever had at a wedding. There is nothing you can do better than deciding to have your guests served their meal family style. There were amazing stories told about the two, many tears, and a lot of happy laughter and moments. I was really lucky to meet these two, and to be a part of this day with them.

If you’re looking into wedding or elopement styles, farm-to-table weddings are pretty much the most ideal you can do. Focusing on wholesome living and loving, with healthy eating and beautiful surroundings. Plus, veggies and flowers are kind of hard to dislike.

Plus, is there anything cooler than your officiant pulling out two Heady Topper beers, the first drink you shared together to toast your first moments married to the most important person in your life?

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