I’ve gotten to work at this spot a few times, but never for such a magical Spring Creek Ranch elopement as this one- with winter just beginning to grace us with a little snow and some always changing weather. It may not have looked the way they first imagined, but it was incredible and the day could not have been more fun, beautiful, or filled with love.

Lindsey and Mike met in college, and 9 years later it was an honor to become her friend and help her as she worked her way through this process from afar, and then celebrate with them both on this day.

They have been through everything together, and it shows in their friendship and relationship in full– as if it’s already been a million years. I was tearing up as they read their vows and I watched them both try to contain their emotions- a love so true, I think the few of us who got to witness could feel the joy in our hearts and souls for them as vibrantly as they felt it.

We truly traveled all over the valley for different views, and Lindsey’s incredib0le timelessly classy look paired with Mike’s amazing suit got car horn honks everywhere- a sight, truly. (So fine!! ;)) Having their families join on zoom, and hearing the resounding cheers from the computer when we celebrated their union was such a special moment, and I can’t wait for them to celebrate with all they love back home soon!

Here’s to two wonderful, loving, and kind people, who truly deserve all of eternity in joy and love!

Special thanks to the team: Spring Creek Ranch, Flowers by Chloe, HMU by Tanya Crocker, Tower3 Productions.