It’s an honor to have amazing people from other ends of the Earth find you and know they want you to capture their lives and celebrate their love with them. These two came all the way from Georgia, and were fun before we even met….. that’s how you know you’ve found some good ones. I actually looked forward to emails from Shelby because she was so fun, easy to work with, and open to new ideas and suggestions. Not to mention, I changed their shoot location about 1 hour before we met and they were totally okay with it and in the end, I think pretty glad we went with the new idea.
To truly top this off, we brought brews up for the view and enjoyed everything at the same time. I love when couples accept my suggestions to bring the things that make them them along, or ask me if I mind. No way do I mind, I’m psyched! If you’re capturing images of your life, they absolutely should include the things you love most and that make your life yours. BRING THE DRINKS! (Pizza, donuts, ski tour trip, bike adventure, campfire on the tailgate of the old truck, heck yes.)
Anyway, cheers to these two and many many more years.