When Lyndsey & Lee abandoned all their plans for a big classic wedding, they knew an intimate Schwabachers Landing wedding was the perfect way to say forever to one another.

I feel like from just about the first email they sent me, I made friends for life. After 9 years together, it was pretty clear these two had been partners in life long before the day we shared together, and their jokes, laughter & Lyndsey’s gorgeous glowing smile filled up our evening in the best way; the way that says “I’m here to have a damn good day.” When we talked about their ceremony, they told me they didn’t write vows because they’d been together long enough that they already knew everything the other would say. There is something incredible, perfect, & priceless in a relationship so rich in moments and life together no words need to be said.

I haven’t had skies as clear as they were that day for a long time, and the mountains sure put on a show, especially after we waited for the sun to settle into evening.

I’m still glowing from this day, truly, because these people are pure gold– heart & soul.

A special thank you to the wonderful Sarah for her magic hair skills (check out that insane braid!) & my favorite of floral queens, Chloe, for her absolutely gorgeous bouquet.

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