It’s been a minute, and a much needed pause to focus on other realms of all the things, but what better way to finish out one absolutely crazy and wonderful and rough year than celebrating on the highest of notes with an absolutely gorgeous New Years Eve engagement session?

Not to mention… Andrea and DJ are coming back this year for their wedding so as we celebrate the new year, we celebrate their incoming wedding in just a few months which is a joyous occasion in and of itself. So, combined with the magic of our first true session of this winter season DEEP in snow, it was a finale to 2021 I couldn’t have dreamt up if I had tried. 🙂

So many of my couples are from other places, it’s a real treat to get to meet in advance and work together, and get even more excited for the upcoming moments! The weather might have been a tad different than it will be for their wedding (and thanks to them for driving a very gnarly Teton Pass drive for these!) but I’m equally excited about these moments and what is to come!