If you offered me National Parks, the Parks Project, the best humans & doggy and wrapped it all up in a bow that read boho adventure wedding… and thought I would ever leave… you’d be wrong.

LUCKILY… that’s exactly what Annie & Hunter had in mind for their wedding and they found just the gal to capture the story and wild ruckus.

We united their closest humans and had the most beautiful intimate fall ceremony in Grand Teton National Park. They read the best vows, and give me a break– Hunter’s reaction when he saw Annie was just about the best damn thing I’ve ever seen. After we had celebrated with friends and family, Annie, Hunter and their doggo Violet let me lead them on a wild adventure to one of my fave spots in my home area for some finale sunset moments. They had only a few requests:

  1. Lots of love for Violet
  2. Jeep shots with their beloved adventure-mobile.
  3. A few shots with their Parks Project gear: “National Parks Are For Lovers”. Could not have been more fitting for this moment and who we ALL are as people. I recently wrote an article for the Parks Project on GTNP and love love love what they do!

I’d have to say, all things considered… this day was everything I love and believe in– from protecting wild spaces, to dogs forever, to the best kind of wild love. Annie’s mom even fondly called her her “wildflower” … a term those who know me well know is frequent in my vocab and a term i’ve been called a time or two. These humans might just rock my socks straight off. I love you Annie & Hunter!!!

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN Brides Florals: Anthropologie Brides Hat: Free People