Nahko and Medicine for the People. No words encompass these humans.

Sometimes, the cosmos align in funny ways, ones that we never expect in a million years.

Meeting the Medicine Tribe was one of those for me. I hope to do work in the future using art as a voice for environmental rights and indigenous peoples rights. Nahko’s story, mission and music are founded on the same core values and goals, and we struck up a great foundation. It was an honor and priviledge to join them again for their second concert in Burlington while on their current tour, and you can experience some of the concert through the images.

If you don’t know Nahko’s story, or the groups music, that needs to be what you do as soon as you finish checking out these images. He’s incredible, a reallllly good hugger (seriously, he’s the best), and his band is awesome and funny.

I’m stoked about projects and work coming up with these guys, and stoked to share some images from their LA album release on June 10-12th.

‘i am a miracle, made up of particles, and in the existence, ill stay persistent, and i’ll make a difference, and i will have lived it.’

nahko bear.

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