This year with the changes in Grand Teton National Park’s permitting program for weddings and elopements I have been getting to explore some new ceremony spots and this Mountain View turnout elopement is one of my absolute favorites this year and a good sign we are off to some truly magical days!

Breanna and Jacob have a pretty unique story that brought them to this Mountain View turnout elopement and not one many can match. They first met in second grade, literally knowing one another their whole lives. They started dating in middle school, and on this day, they officially became united as Mr. & Mrs. which felt a long time coming!

I do get to see a lot of days, couples, types of love. But, when these two intimately chose to read their full vows to one another in private before we met their families, I had no idea how incredible the words they were going to share between one another would be. I could barely focus on capturing the little moments between them because I was so caught up in the beauty of what they shared, and the level of love, admiration and joy they feel with one another. It was so so incredibly clear that these two were truly born to love one another, and this dreamy Mountain View turnout elopement was the perfect celebration of their union.

A biggest thanks to Easton with Raven Rose Films, not only one of my absolutely favorite artists and videographers in this country (not kidding, and y’all know im picking about film vibes!) but an absolute joy to work alongside in sharing our similar interests, style of working and laid-back nature, and genuine desire to just have a blast with our couples. I cannot wait to see the magic he created! And to my girl Monica and JH Flower Boutique for her always stunning work, and Athena’s team for making this girl look like the absolute goddess she is!