Allie & Tony. How to even begin?

Easily starting with the fact that this mountain family session in the Teton’s has my heart in a puddle, and the story to get to these moments makes it even more magic.

If I could dream up a list of sessions and visions I have, this would look like something in that list, easily. I have fallen more and more in-love with capturing families and littles each year of the past few, and holding space to have more and more of these in my schedule is something I am so happy about.

Winding back from my swooning, there is a bit of a story that led to this beautiful collection of moments. And, it certain did not start as a mountain family session in the Tetons!

2 years ago I first started talking with Allie. I immediately connected with her, and I knew she and Tony were a great fit to not only me and my work, but who we are as people and what we love and value.

Allie is an incredible woman, and that is a vast understatement. Becoming a mom before I could practically figure out how to adult remotely, it is so obvious how gracefully she has navigated that, how strong she is, and what an incredible joy and light she brings to any situation. I knew immediately Tony had to be an absolutely incredible guy, because she deserved that and more, and I knew it would take a special soul for her to let join her little family.

We planned their elopement, and off and away we went.

Fast forward to last spring, when she called me to tell me that had a bit of a surprise, and new cowboy was joining the family… sooner than expected! While we held out to see if we could make it work, it became clear a few weeks out that it was best for them to enjoy the journey they were in, get hitched even more casually, and welcome Chase into the world. We postponed their elopement for a year later, and got ready for enjoying their new adventure and celebrating a bit later.

Fast-forward again, and Allie reached out a few weeks ago to see if we could chat. We hopped on a call, and she started laughing, saying that well… life was life and while she wasn’t quite planning for that, they had another little babe on the way! Needless to say, an elopement felt a little silly- their lives have changed and evolved so much, and it felt perfectly right to capture exactly that. What started as an elopement, became an elopement renewal, and ended up a mountain family session in the Tetons… just perfectly meant to be.

They are truly two people who take on unexpected adventures in all forms with more grace and laughter than few I know, and it is an honor to not only have them as friends, but have been a part of this journey and capturing the evolution of their beautiful, wild, magic lives together.

And, to finish up with some extra magic…. a lil’ set of images of these two from the Nostalgia Collection I offer- you can hop over to my instagram @erinwheat to read a little more about what it is to me, and how thrilled I am to have so many clients adding this to their memories. Here’s a few faves- really icing the cake on my dream mountain family session in the Tetons!