In for a Mount Willard elopement? born waiting girl.

Calib & Scotlyn are high school sweethearts, climbing the exact same mountain on the first day they spent together as the one they chose to say their vows on.

Aside from a few hiccups along the way, which is a requirement for all the best ceremonies, the day couldn’t have been more surreal. That said, personally, I think the hiccups add the icing to the cake. And, for a gal who climbed 6 miles in her wedding dress, she made it look easy.

Mayor Jefferson (the very handsome and furry ring-bearer) was so overjoyed he simply straight out dog-smiled, and even took “stopping to smell the flowers” to a whole new level. I pretty much felt the same he did, as did everyone else.

After my favorite type of ceremony and magical one at that, these two love birds (and genuinely good-hearted, and hillarious humans!) opted to kick back at the legendary Mount Washington Hotel, and we snagged a few moments before these two danced their way into a new chapter.


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