For years I dreamed of having the space to have a studio to create in and bring together some dreams of floral designs and moments. When we bought our home, it perfectly aligned with Covid, so the dream had to wait a little longer, but this winter we finally launched The Wildflower Sessions- a moment fto celebrate women & motherhood. Our first set of sessions came with our spring season, perfect for a first round of blooms & celebrating life.

Kate and Nathan were our first official session, and these moments already forever have a place in my heart. Kate is such an incredible member of our own art community, and the most amazing mom to the sweet, wild, little man. I adored every moment capturing them in this time, in Kate’s journey of motherhood. To remember moments of her journey, as so often women and mothers are the ones who document lives more often, and have less of their own. It’s an honor to have saved a few little moments for Kate to have, always. Motherhood, something she exemplifies with such joy and beauty.