Woooooow. Okay, well let’s just start this by saying that this is without a second thought one of the most incredible fall Teton wedding days to ever happen. Noelle and Patrick are just incredible humans, their kindness, love, open-hearts– they are truly gifts to this world and all whose path they cross.

The weather on this day was without a doubt the most terrifying forecast I’ve had as a photographer this year– just simply out of concern for their comfort and their families. It was looking like rain, and a lot of it, for majority of the day. The second I checked-in and started talking about some options if things didn’t change, they put entire faith into me for their day and were ready to go with whatever plan would make it the most fun possible.

Somehow, the combination of attitudes like these and something in the wind seems to make these kind of days happen more beautifully than we ever planned. And, this day was certainly a testament to that.

From morning hikes with rising peeks as the storm rolled in, first looks that I will NEVER forget witnessing, to a ceremony in the pouring rain full of laughter, and the most dreamy portraits possible. I’m pretty sure if they make The Notebook 2 and they’d be open to featuring these two, we have the cover shots ready 😉 Literally WHAT EVEN. So beautiful, pouring rain and cold can’t touch this.

I LOVE these people so much and I’m so grateful to have them as one of my final weddings this season. Their kindness and grace is something I can’t appreciate or thank them for enough– after an amazing but long 6 months all vendors and artists on seasons start to feel their bandwidth strain, and their grace lifted my spirits so high and reminded me just how much those little bits of kindness and welcoming to change a day for someone.

Noelle and Patrick, you are beyond words and I feel so lucky to not only have you both as friends, but have been a part of this wild and wonderful day with you. More important though of course- I am SO thrilled for the little red-headed bebe someday 😉

Thanks to the always amazing Chloe for florals, and Mollie with hair and makeup that looked perfect in sun and pouring rain.