Maine weddings will always have a place in my soul because of what the place is to me. This one went into far greater depths, because of the people I shared it with.

Ruth and Ryan.

Two people with absolute hearts of gold and gentle and kind souls.

Ruth and I’s families were connected before either of us was born, and it was a beyond a gift to be a part of such an incredible day in all of our lives. When I first met the girls while Ruth got ready, I caught fleeting comments about Ryan and Ruth’s connection, and his character. I hadn’t met Ryan yet. To say they are each other’s missing puzzle piece would probably be a vast understatement. Not in the gooey, Hallmark type way, but in the genuine deepest truth that they truly blend, becoming one while remaining the uniquely wonderful people that they are. Sharing this day is one of the best moments of my summer, as these are two people that I feel I was blessed to share in this moment with and could only hope to capture the slightest slice of everything their wedding day was.

here’s to what it means to love, truly.