Months ago Maddie & Aj smashed their plans for a traditional wedding, decided a Jackson Hole elopement was for them, and emailed me. I never hesitated to say yes, I already loved these people. The morning of their day came and we watched storms pass over the mountains. As we rode over Teton Pass to meet Maddie & AJ, it poured.

As we hung with them and they got ready, it kept pouring. We laughed, talked mountain living, snow bunny life, and knew we had found friends. Maddie has a heart and smile that radiate, and that shown through from the moment we met her. AJ never stopped making us laugh, and never once did we doubt that these two were made for one another. The rains slowed, and we decided to take our shot.

AJ left for the ceremony, and Maddie and I followed a few minutes later. After sending the boys out to their spot, we wandered the path capturing all of her beauty and becoming even better friends in just our first hours meeting. Watching these two see one another for the first time, hold one another while committing to a beautiful life together, it was priceless. Freshly dampened earth, golden Aspens, mountains that rose into the clouds and a river running past us. Maddie has a smile that will light up the world, and watching AJ bring that out in her was magic. As they promised forever, the heavens opened up once more and it poured on us. A symbol without a doubt that the universe loved them as much as we do.

We ran wild the rest of that day, chasing the last light and capturing the spirit of two of the most wonderful people I’ve had the chance to know & work with. The moments were impossible to choose, but here’s a little peek of their day. It couldn’t have been more perfect.