Dymon & Seth flew in from AZ to capture some magnificent Jackson Hole wedding portraits with me and it was such an honor to be a part of this moment in their lives. It’s so special to have clients come from all corners to work with me and to experience the landscape I call home, and these two were the freakin’ coolest.

Also, can we talk about sweet Olive?! You all know im a huge dog lover, but Olive was something else. She put on quite show in the sweetness category for us and was the best pup ever. So glad they brought her along for this moment.

If you’re ever worried about your timing, these two are all the things. They flew in 4 hours before they met me to start their elopement, and flew out the next day. GUYS, it’s seriously such an honor. I also can’t get over how gorgeous Dymon is and how wonderful these two are together. Sometimes, people just fit, and these two, they fit like a puzzle.

Here’s to many adventures ahead– including more trips back to visit me please and some ski lessons gal!!