A few months ago Jack reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to help plan and capture his Jackson Hole surprise proposal to Stephanie during their annual trip. I of course was thrilled to help, and we began making plans under the ruse of a photoshoot for future christmas cards.

In normal Jackson fashion, we had to wait until the last minute to decide on our location (due to snowstorms!) and the morning of our shoot I asked if they might be willing to throw on some snowshoes (I provide two pairs for my clients!) and trek into a spot I knew was going to be me magic if I could find the right people willing to get there. Jack and Stephanie readily agreed and we met as the flakes fell!

We headed into the woods and after a bit of trekking along old skin-tracks we found a perfect spot to start capturing moments. While putting aside his backpack, I saw the glimmer of a ring and a few moments later Jack was in front of Stephanie on one knee. The rest, well… you can see…