This is a story, an idea, an action that means a lot to me. On the surface, this is a story of two ski bums in Jackson Hole. In the heart of this, this is the story of two of the people I love the most, a story that is true to who they are in this moment in their lives, and a testament to a mission I’m on.

Let’s start with the mission. I believe that many folks resent the idea of photos, of a photo session, and a huge part of that is because stories are told through a stereotype and not through a story that is true to them. An investment in a person willing to tell your story as it is, a story that is you- it shouldn’t feel like a wasted investment, it shouldn’t feel miserable for you. You should have the best time, have planned to capture the you that is you, and have so much fun. Those images should make you FEEL because in the end, they are your lives captured in a tiny little capsule. I’m on a mission to tell stories this way, to make sure that my experience can be combined with you and the life you live and love to make something that can be cherished now, tomorrow and in years to come.

When you make an investment, I want you to feel that you invested in something of value that allowed you the best experience in the moment and in the end result. Here’s the thing, if you opt for the best deal, and are already unsure of this whole shebang, you can pretty much assure that you’re going to get a deal and not a lot else. I want this experience to be just that, an experience. I want the folks whose stories I tell to get my whole brain, everything we can to make their images not only beautiful but also the best representation of their beauty and their story. I want these images to allow you to live relive these emotions, relive this moment years from now. For your friends and family to FEEL when they see them because they do justice to the people they love, they inspire little beans of the future (or the present).

I want this story to be told differently and I want to show folks that when you find the right artist we can do just that.

Now, the people. Tori & Ryan. I’ve known Ryan since my first year in Jackson and in a funny loop of events he ended up being one of my partner J’s closest friends. Through them, I got to know Tori even better and she’s become one of my closest friends. They are the people you’d typically see getting “photos taken”, putting on a fancy outfit for a shot, or taking photos at a non-life-event-moment (I made that 4 part word up). But that’s just it, they’re the people whose story we need to tell. The stories of what my community loves to do, the stories of our real lives– the ones that include our favorite activities be that skiing or eating donuts (I support both). These images will mean so much more down the road to them than anything they have done by forced societal value. They aren’t engaged, married, etc. This is just them, their love, their story. If one of those life markers comes, well that’s freaking awesome and sure as heck we’ll love to save that moment. But that doesn’t mean you can only document your story at that moment.

So, now take a look at some of my favorite images I’ve created. A post-ski hang- from gear to day clothes we got a little something from all that they are for now and for years to come.

Couple walk together along a frozen Snake River wearing jeans and Vans and smiling
Couple wearing beanies, tan jackets, and vans embrace on the back of a truck along the Snake River in Jackson Hole Wyoming during an engagement session with Erin Wheat