Months before this Jackson Hole engagement & proposal day happened, Aram and I began planning how to capture it best and how to create a day that represented the things he and Jenna love most and would never forget. I’d say we did more than alright.

After the weather gave us a few new obstacles we rearranged our plans and I met them (in secret) and captured this moment. The pure happiness, joy and bliss that radiated from both Aram & Jenna as she tearfully said yes was something you could feel in your own heart.

After this moment, I gave these two a few hours to change, enjoy lunch together and meet me at Trail Creek Ranch . Side note, if you’re looking for an incredible venue, please consider Trail Creek — Alex is amazing, helpful and open to supporting the folks she works with. The ranch has an incredible history, views… well, I just love the place.

We had a pretty amazing few hours exploring the ranch, capturing two of the sweetest souls and the amazing story they are creating together. We became such fast friends that we ended up meeting up twice after this day on their trip, for hockey and to get one last lunch before they were off again. Some folks you just gotta know for years to come.

So excited about what created, the day Aram and I created that represented all the things they love most & that I found friends for life in these two. Here’s to the coolest engagement day to date & the next chapter in two amazing humans lives together.

Woman cries as her fiance proposes to her in Grand Teton National Park
Man wearing Filson holds snuggles his fiance while they embrace a horse on Trail Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole Wyoming during their engagement photos
Couple kiss on Trail Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole Wyoming during their engagement photos with Erin Wheat