In 2019, I’ll finish out the year having captured close to 60 weddings & elopements… alongside couples, families, portraits and so much more. I’ve seen a ton of amazing incredible love stories. But a Jackson Hole backcountry elopement will forever have a piece of my soul. This day was one of my all-time favorites, full of all of the things I love most in life. Wild places, big smiles, fall hikes, good company, and lots of love.

Kathy and Corey came from Texas for this day, and they trekked all over this amazing place I get to call home without a single complaint– just laughter, smiles and happiness.

I have to also give them special props- I am rarely if ever late to a session, but after getting stuck in a cattle drive, then behind a hay truck on the pass, and finally making the poor choice of taking Moose-wilson road on a day where 4 moose, a bunch of elk, and 3 bears all decided to do the same, I arrived… about 25 minutes late and having spent 2 hours in the car. They were incredible, they were understanding and laughed it off. I was mortified. Then, I iced the cake by trying to take them on a back road to our second location and instead finding out the park had closed that road to public access recently and a $5k fine would follow us if we tried to sneak through (we were about 1 mile from our destination). So, we had to go all the way back to Jackson and around another way, adding another 40 minutes in the car. Needless to say, we made it and just in time for the most PERFECT lighting ever & they didn’t even hold it against me. (I am really truly sorry guys… I was doing my best to give you the coolest Wyoming experience… but I failed on that!). Luckily the schedule I had set for us had a little flex time in it and everything was perfect, but it was a wild day in more ways than one. Thanks for trusting me Kathy & Corey, you’re the real MVPs.

This day is some of my favorite work ever, have fun!

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