An intimate Jackson Hole Wedding. We’re already off to a great start. But, let me back up a minute.

Sometimes, in the process of my job, I meet people from all walks of life, with all types of love, and all types of celebrations. It’s one of the best things about my job. I’ve learned endlessly from all these people, shared friendships that last well beyond one day, and come to value so much about love that I never knew I would. I started shooting in highschool, started my business not long after, and have been doing this ever since. In more than 5 years with this as my full-time career & hundreds of couples and celebrations, I have rarely laughed as hard as I did with these two.

We got up to more ridiculousness, more smiles and laughter, more dog hugs, more love itself than one can even imagine. These two are more than husband and wife, more than lovers, they are the essence of partners. And, if you ever tell me you have exuberant golden named Booger and don’t bring him, I will start a revolution of protest. Luckily, bringing Booger was always a must.

This day was a mix of all the good things in life, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Special thanks to our beautiful dress designer, Hayley Paige. To our florist, Sammys Flowers. To our community and Forest Service in Jackson which allowed us the chance to utilize one of my favorite spots in the valley. To Snow King Resort, for putting up this epic crowd. And to Whit & Jordan, their amazing family and friends, and of course, BOOGER!

Oh, and yes, Whit is my hero. She 100% wore her gnarliest fake teeth to her first look. YAS.