When Katie first wrote to me and told me they were thinking of having an intimate Amangani wedding in the midst of winter, I was excited. But, it wasn’t until I really started getting to know Katie that I start to realize this day was going to be one of my favorites of the year– I freaking love this lady, their story, their community and the jokes and constant laughter Katie provides (she’s like your best friend, your hilarious sister, and a supermodel all wrapped up in one!).

Katie moved in next-door to Kevin when she was four. These two have LITERALLY grown up together– through all the fun as kids, to the awkward growth in high school to college and their adult lives together. They started dating at the beginning of high school, and have been together for the 16 years since. There were no nerves from me for these two– they clearly are the best fit for one another in the world and have stood side by side through time to prove it.

Katie and Kevin decided to bring their immediate family and closest friends to Jackson to celebrate them and their love in a beautiful and intimate wedding day at Amangani. And man, did they nail it. It was full of perfect moments, endless tears and laughter, family, community, love and honestly just straight perfection. I feel so lucky to call these two friends now, and to have had the chance to be a part of this day with them.