Ah. First of all, where to start. It’s minute a minute since I shared some work here, but I am sooo excited to update a few faves from this past summer and fall annnnnd kick that off with this GORGEOUS Idaho mountain engagement.

Madison proposed to Haley just before our session, so instead of capturing a couple quick fridge gems, Haley found out these photos were going to be something a whole lot more special 🙂 Also, we can start by noting these babes made this Idaho mountain engagement session look absolutely drool-worthy, even though it was about 15 degrees and the snow was literally 4 feet deep, plus snow drifts and banks. So, they were quite tough for this, but it was SOOO worth.

Total magic capturing not only this magic love between these two absolutely stunning women, but celebrating their future ahead forever together– I am actually overjoyed to see what’s ahead.

Winter season is kicking offfff, y’all!