Hatcher Pass, Alaska is a place that will forever hold a piece of my heart for the beauty of the place and the people who call it and the area near it home. 2 Years ago I flew to Alaska to shoot Audrey & Michael’s wedding in the Knik River Glacier area, and the two have been fast and close friends to me since. To return this summer and spend a few days with them at their cabin (with 5 pooches, most of whom are huskies!) making pies, laughing endlessly and cracking jokes, back-road exploring, and breaking the ramblin’ old 4runner like a champ was such a treat and my heart has been full since. Better yet, I was able to experience their family growing, with the addition of the most beautiful little soul, miss Hanna. My love for these people goes beyond any words I can ever find, but luckily, these images have become some of my favorites I’ve ever created. Hopefully, you’ll see the same beauty and it will do justice to my love for these people. I am so blessed beyond words to have a life and work that allows me these hearts in my life.

PS- pro tip! Talk with your photographer about style and colors- it can make a world of difference in the final images!


Michael and Audrey- I am refraining myself from inserting numerous jokes.. such as massive crashes…. but I’ll keep upping my GIF game for our texts as you two have me in tears laughing fairly often. I am beyond lucky for you both in my life, and for sharing that beautiful little girl of yours. I’ll be seeing you soon!