Kati & Marcio decided they wanted to stand under the magnificent Tetons with a  Schwabacher landing elopement to commit to a lifetime together.

I met them outside The White Buffalo Club in the afternoon… and, they both glowed. Kati looked absolutely fabulous in an nontraditional floral dress, and Marcio equally dashing in his suit. More importantly, as soon as I met these two I could literally feel the connection they have, the love and laughter, and the genuine value and interest in the heart and mind of the other. Both are essentially geniuses (they met in a PHD program for physics), and it’s absolutely the coolest to see two people who love one anothers mind so much. And then finally, the day was sealed by Kati and the magic smile that woman has. Her laugh, her smile, frankly…. insane. We even had folks who passed by comment on the magnificent laugh Kati has and how she glows… wonder woman? I think yes.

We headed to Schwabacher Landing for their elopement, did the thing, laughed a lot, and busted out the IPA to celebrate. We wandered the area, captured them, and of course…. headed back to town for a final round at the Cowboy Bar before they headed off to their first dinner as husband and wife! Here’s to two incredible people and the life they have ahead… and well wishes as they head back to Marcio’s homeland of Brazil in the coming year. No matter where you two go, you’ll go together and make magic. Thanks truly and deeply for letting me be a part of this day.