You’re choosing the right photographer for you, for this moment. You need to know exactly what to expect when you book. Each person is different & one of the most important aspects in your decision is matching well with  your photographer & trusting in them & their work. If we don’t blend well, I’d SO much rather you chose someone you do blend with because it’s your story & it will be best told when the match is right. When that match is right, magic happens.

If you want something more posed, structured and formal, that’s probably not me. I get that investment matters & is a valid piece of the puzzle as you chose the right person. That said, if you’re after the cheapest deal you can find, I’m not the person for you. I chose to deliver more than a service, but an experience that includes me being there for you the whole way through, investing in making sure I deliver the best images I can to you, & sharing everything i’ve gained in experience with you. My customized guides to planning your day include everything you need from your timeline, vendor suggestions, tips & tricks, and just about everything else you might want.

When you look back on these images, I want you to feel the wild, feel the emotion, feel yourself in that moment. I want you to experience those moments again and find yourself smiling at your album or gallery.


So, generally, what should you expect working with me?

•Planning- I think the more I'm involved in your planning, the more I can better understand your vision & how best to capture it. I offer my clients all-inclusive customized guides. Timeline advice, vendor suggestions & trips and tricks are one of the first things we launch into. I'll hop on a call with you off-the-bat and talk through the timeline you have & suggestions I can offer to make the most of your investment in my work & experience.

•Guides- After you fill out my contact form and I have a chance to check ya out, I'll send you a welcome guide that best fits your needs to give you one more round of info about me & my work. After you pick a package and date, I'll send a planning guide that includes everything you need. I've also got a style guide to help make sure tones & clothes you wear look the absolute best & represent who you are.

•Props & Details- One of the things that can make images really do justice to who you are & represent your every day life are the details we add in. I'll give you some suggestions and let our minds run from there. We'll make sure that the final result screams YOU.

•Vendor Suggestions- I've got a full list of local folks I love working with, vendors I've worked with and loved in other locations I've shot, and I'm happy to do some snooping to help out.

•Location-- If you're eloping or having a session and aren't sure exactly where you want to shoot, I'm ya gal. I've got a ton of experience working at lots of amazing spots both around Jackson and the country. I'll dig deep and find a spot just right for you.


You're awkward. Your partner thinks this is all ridiculous. Thinking about weddings makes you cringe.
Whatever it is (or maybe none of those), I gotcha.

I'm so nervous when the camera is flipped on me & I totally understand how out-of-the-norm this may feel. That's totally fine. I feel that it's my job to make you feel comfortable, bring out your best, & capture exactly that. Hopefully by the time you work through all the info here, you'll feel a little more at ease knowing I get it & I'm here to help.
You can expect to see me in the most ridiculous stances to get the shots, chatting tons, and making a lot of horrible & arguably inappropriate jokes. I'll make sure the little details are just right, and that you can just be you the entire time we're together. The laughter, the tears, whatever it is, those moments matter. I'll give you general suggestions for posing, but nothing stiff. If something just isn't right for you, we'll move right into the next thing & if you have that shot you've been taking since you started dating or the one you saw & love, I'm totally open to it.
We're just friends telling a story & we're going to make magic as we do it.