An engagement in Jackson Hole isn’t all unusual, but it’s not every day the couple is down to capture some of that in a place different than the normal ones with Teton views. But, sometimes the weather gods aren’t in favor of that view, and capturing a whole new view that is totally yours and yours only is even better. Plus, I mean after all, officially speaking we shot them IN the tetons… so that’s even better right?

I can’t even begin to speak to how wonderful these two humans are. I often talk style with my clients, and provide a guide to the best options… but when Allie told me they were going for a gown & formals looks, I had no clue this queen was going to knock everyone over with this kind of beauty! Not to mention, the even more important parts:

These two love each other and it truly shows through every second.

They were themselves, laughing, teasing, playing around– this is without fail the most important piece of images that hold value.

Tough as nails… let me tell you, it was not warm and you wouldn’t ever know. Allie probably is still recovering from icicle state, but she never complained once.

Finally, they totally trusted me. they rented a vehicle for the day so they would have full access to anywhere we decided to go, and even up to a few hours before we shot, I was still watching the weather to determine the best spot. When I asked them to trust me and go for a spot I hadn’t ever captured a couple in, they never even questioned it and just asked me where and when. As you can see, I think that decision paid off… big time.

Sending these two all the best for the adventure ahead of them & hoping I get to see them on a return trip!  😉 Now, back to drooling over these two….

Special shout to The White Buffalo Club who have housed quite a number of my clients over the years out here continue to deliver a wonderful experience to all.n