I usually market myself as an elopement photographer, even for Alaska elopements as I return each year to capture a few stories. But, these aren’t the only stories I tell, and this one means a lot to me.

These moments, they are snippets of the capsule that is our story. Our time, our love, our memories. This family is a testament to all of that for me. I am always humbled and honored by the opportunity I’ve had to capture each chapter of their lives.

3 years ago, I captured Audrey and Michael’s wedding just below the Knik Glacier. I met them for the first time that trip. 3 years later, they remain some of my best friends in the world. 2 years ago, sweet Hanna joined their lives. Last fall I was honored to return to Alaska to capture this new moment in their story.

This spring, Jason and I returned north for the month of May. We borrowed their truck & explored Alaska. At the end of 10 days of camping and road-life, we returned to their little homestead and spent a week adventuring with them. We shared more laughter, meals, games, and priceless moments.

At the end of our trip, I captured the next capsule of memories in their story, and this is it. A sweet reminder of just how beautiful life is, how much the people whose stories I tell mean to me. It is also a powerful reminder of the power that choosing the right person to tell your story can hold, something I can never emphasize enough.

Audrey’s Work & 2020 Alaska Bookings

Visit Audrey’s page to see this talented mama’s craft. And, maybe get a peek at the session she shot of Jason and I . (Coming soon) 🙂

If you’ve always dreamed of an elopement in Alaska, you’re getting married next year, any of these… reach out. 2020 dates have begun to fill, but I am still deciding which part of next year will be spent north. I’m excited to put next years trip north in my books.

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