On day 2 of Dorothy and Mike’s incredible weekend of adventure, I spent a lot of time looking at maps, weather and the sun to cook up a plan to hike into the high alpine for a Delta Lake elopement– allowing them to capture all of the best parts of their love and life, both together and with their friend and family.

We got lucky with some phenomenal weather, and with some luck and good timing, we had the lake to ourselves for the evening which was the most magic you could imagine. I’ll be honest, because of the amount of gear I have to have with me both for images and safety, I was a little nervous– but we absolutely crushed it and had a blasttttt and I’m so excited to do 1000 more spots up there for those who are willing to make the trek!

This was the perfect way to allow these two to capture everything about who they are in a weekend that was about love– and what a treat it is to be a part of it. I’ll never forget this adventure, nor these people. I’m so grateful for this path and for those who create relationships with me and allow me the chance to be a part of their story.

And, a extra special thank you to the newest side-member of the team here… Karen! You may see her with me lugging gear, making me laugh, or being a professional dress floofer– she’s phenomenal so it’s worthy of excitement.