As Abigail and Jenn began to plan their LGBTQ+ Wedding in Jackson Hole, they knew they had to find allies to be a part of this day. It was such an honor to join these two, and be able to promise them that their love would be supported. I have always believed that love is love in all forms and shapes, and that I have no place judging an experience I have not walked in myself.

The past year for these two women has been one of incredible transformation. Facing past traumas, mental health struggles, surgeries, and finding one another in the mix of it all. They met in some of their most difficult chapters, their story is raw and honest and shows that these two can truly weather any storm when united. I held so many meaningful conversations with Abby during this day, learned so much from both of these women, and was truly graced with this opportunity.

Abby & Jenn decided we would explore this whole area together, starting at 7:30 Thursday morning and spending literally the whole day together (we said our goodbyes at almost 9 pm). It was the perfect start to their adventure, visiting as many national parks as they can together for their honeymoon (UM YES?!). I can’t thank these two enough for trusting my judgement and opting to rearrange their day– having photos, portraits, and reception celebrations BEFORE the actual ceremony. We held off to wait for the best light, and I think you’ll see, it paid off.

Abby and Jenn are truly partners, lovers, and best friends. I spent so much time laughing in their presence, enjoying the personal touches they added to the day and the jokes they shared. These two are amazing, and I have no doubt the life they are building together will be equally so.


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