I’m never disappointed when two awesome people ask me to be a part of their elopement in Grand Teton National Park. Over the past few months, Jay, Tabitha & I emailed back and forth working on finding the right plan for them. We had to navigate temperamental spring weather in our little mountain town, and get an amazing team lined up to maintain the intimacy of this day while showcasing its beauty. [ PS– if you’re considering an elopement in Grand Teton National Park, check out this article for some tips or this one for some of the best location options!]

When they arrived, you could tell that these two are best friends. This was one of my elopements where the majority of our time was spent running around to different locations on adventures. And, I can attest that until the very last moment their energy and happiness together never faded. A special thank you to Tanya Crocker for her magic work with hair and makeup (as usual). To Tom Jordan for being such a fabulous officiant (and just out of a hip replacement none-the-less) and Snake River Flowers for a beautiful bouquet!

This one is a true testament to this town, park, wild places’ never-ending beauty. Spring is always a debatable time of year– the weather is complex and confused, the snow is melting, muddy is an understatement. But, this day, holey smokes. Take a peek for yourself.