Where to even begin with these two… it started as a simple couples session in Grand Teton National Park and turned into the most incredible evening.

Annaleisa is a super-babe & ultra-talented photographer from the Denver area and she reached out to me a month ago to see if we’d be willing to do a shoot with her while she visited. I almost never do this, but just had a good feeling, and in the process… got to capture her and Chris on this trip & in this moment of their lives together. Check out her work here!!

These two– so freaking much fun. We are such dorks and felt right at home with these two. They were just about as goofy as we are and I barely even spoke capturing them– their relationship is natural and just letting it happen and saving those moments was all the magic needed.

I also can’t thank these two enough- i’ve been messing around with old film edits this year– like REAL old film– because I’m nostalgic for a generation I missed… and these two let me throw a few of those edits in with the rest. I’ve been offering a few folks this in the past 6 months as I test them out more and get that going, and loved throwing that into the mix for these two– so… you’ll see a few of those in here too!