Rising at 5 am for this Colorado engagement was no problem, because if you’ve ever experienced that clear Colorado sun in the summer, you know how easy it is to be stoked on the day… even if you have a 4 mile bike across town on a bicycle without gears. Needless to say, I was pretty hot by the time I got to the park to meet these two lovers, but believe me when I say they and the place were worth it and more.

I knew these two had to be awesome when they asked me if it was okay if they brought their pup to the session. Not only did she serve as the perfect ice breaker for us all, but she had everyone laughing and having a good time within minutes of meeting. Sam and Tim are not only awesome people, they also are doing great work and traveling all over the globe. They we’re engaged in Alps, which is pretty hard to beat. (Well done, Tim!)

You’re going to want to look at them all, because Sam nailed the red dress she work in the second half of the session, looking absolutely stunning…

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