How do I even begin? The most beautiful coastal Maine wedding, in every way possible. In the skies, in the sea, in the people who joined, in the couple themselves. This day meant more to me than I can ever begin to express. But, I will try.

To begin, I grew up on this coastline, with the family members that helped make this day possible. I was reminded of a few things on this day, by these unbelievable people.
1: how incredibly blessed I am to have created a life where the people I meet become my best friends, where I feel as though I married into the family is the same day that they are married.
Where I share hugs and tears with them as they marry one another having never met them before that day. How incredibly lucky I am to tell the stories of people who are so talented, magnificent and whose souls are made of pure gold. How lucky I am to live a life that is built on the celebration of love.
I always hesitate to say I’m a wedding photographer because of the stereotypes and stigmas that come with this. It’s near impossible at times to be someone who lives in the off-grid, simple life, outdoor community of Jackson Hole and is openly proud to have a life built around love. Remarks from those who pride themselves on this life that come with a condescending “oh, wow that’s cool” upon asking what i do.
And yet.
There is nothing I am more proud of.
To know that we have united the worlds we live in with love. By being one of the only love photographers that consistently makes an effort to donate a big percent of my time and effort along with my clients back to the environment, to (in this case) the saving of refugees (sweet bride Nico, you are a hero), of what we celebrate and build our friendship around, love. How lucky are we to be a species that have the ability to experience love? Why do we feel the need as a society to assume that you can not be both of these types of people? That the institution of marriage somehow diminishes the value of love? It is that concept that we should laugh at. Because institution or not, how priceless is this experience?
2: the exact reason that I don’t classify myself as only an elopement or only a wedding photographer. There is so much beauty in each unique celebration. Of course I am captivated by wild places, of intimate moments between two people, of celebrations that are unique and nontraditional. But, there is equally so much beauty in the traditional, so much beauty in massive celebrations with smiles that run for 10 hours straight. With hugs that are endless, tears, joy that fills an entire property. In celebrating love with all those who have loved you have supported you and have made your life a beautiful thing that it is. To watch community come together whether it be small or big. I love celebrating love, and I’m proud to celebrate all types of love, in all types of celebrations.

And now, let me speak to these two people. Nico and Luke. My dear friends. These people, who welcomed me into their lives with pure unadulterated joy from the moment they first saw me (on Skype!). Who have smiles that expand joy for miles, who truly love one another in a way we can all only aspire to. The joy I felt in their presence, as their friend, was something that you remember for the rest of your life. These two people deserve nothing but the greatest of love, the greatest of joy, an the greatest of happiness for all time. It was an honor to tell this story.

Special thanks to The Lookout Inn @ Flye Point, Echo Salon, Salt Farm Flowers, Made with Love Bridal, and all those who made this day possible.