Chloe & Shane spent over a year planning this day, something simple and special that was unique and captured their love, their story and a place they both cherish.

I work with a lot of folks during the winter and cold temps, but this may have been a contender for coldest ever. With a high of 3 degrees, these two never let it phase them and we were able to capture a pretty incredible day.

These two were the easiest to work with, Chloe and I were laughing so often and I felt like a long-time friend or family member the whole day. Watching a couple so honest about life and love is always refreshing, and one with a story that defied everything they expected. These two are truly life partners, this ceremony was simply a celebration of the obvious.

To top it off, I got to spend time with their amazing ol’ pups and their folks who surprised them and all made the trip to Northern Vermont to be there with them. In general, this was just about the best kind of day a gal can have. For sub-zero temps, I’d say you’d never even know how cold we all were.

[Plus, these two were just the kindest and brought back a treat to thank me from their honeymoon in Norway along with the sweetest note. I even got a text from Chloe’s mom that was just about the best dang thing imaginable.]