A Portland, Maine engagement session was the perfect way for these two love bugs to capture a chapter in their story in a place they’ve grown to love together. I continue to advocate for telling the stories that are true to the people in them, and having these two join me in capturing them together at their home and downtown was the perfect way to do just that.

A little about these two magnificent humans: Cece and I met when we were 5 and spent about 15 years in a pool upwards of 6 hours a day training together. In general, many of my childhood memories were spent with this beauty . When we were in 8th grade, Ben joined the swim team and ended up being my 8th grade prom date (yeah, pretty big stuff). A year later, he and Cece ended up together. It’s been just that way ever since, and i’m so glad it has. Watching a couple grow together, change and stick together, and bloom together is a pretty magnificent thing. Better yet, having it be two people you know and love is even better.

It is always a huge gift to do what you love and share that with people you love. Telling their story is one of the best gifts I’ve been given over the years. I’m so proud of them and inspired by the relationship they have.

Plus, I always talk about donut dates for photos, so I mean, this was just everything!