A million little moments got you to this one, and no moment should be forgotten.

The greatest gift humans possess is the ability to love. I believe in that, and I believe in the power of an image to unite, inspire and preserve that ability. My tribe is just that, not clients, but people I have grown to know and create with. The imagery we create together dances in light and dark, a beautiful expression of life.

When we unite to create, I honestly don’t care much about how worthy of social media our final product is, or whether it matches the ones we saw on Pinterest.  This life is yours, and the moments that create the beauty of you deserve to stand on their own as incredible, emotionally evocative gems of soul, heart and wild beauty. My job is capture those gems, to unite your experience with the beauty you bring to those who love you.

We’re capturing a story of a moment; creative ideas and photojournalism. The wildest adventure we will ever be on, preserved in a tiny capsule of beauty.  Let’s uncork our hearts for a moment and release them into the wild places we love. I’ll capture that moment.

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Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming