Last summer, I connected with Victionary, and was thrilled when they asked if I would be interested in giving a feature for their upcoming wedding planning book, Big Day. About a month ago the book was released globally and is now available for sale online and in numerous bookstores around the world.

I did a peek at the feature, to share with you! I can’t believe it’s in print, and in my hands… as well as yours if you’d like!


So, whats it all about?

Its inspiration, ideas, and planning guides for folks working on the process of  planning a wedding. This includes little pieces about how to make the day the best fit for you, best representation of you, and how to select the best professionals to help make that vision come to life. Beyond that, I think one of the best parts is that all this information feeds into utilizing your investment best, which is a huge topic I cover with my clients. Regardless of whether this day is a big event with a high guest total, or a small intimate ceremony, the things you do invest in should be great uses of your time and money, and really represent you well. This book gives tons of ways to make sure that happens.

I’m so excited to share it with you, and hope that regardless of whether its applicable to your life, it may provide something positive for someone in your life.

Available online >>