Annie & Tony.

Married during a beautiful New England fall Acadia National Park elopement, in the blueberry barrens.

We tried for a few photos of these two at dawn on their wedding day, atop Cadillac Mountain and while I admire their spirit and gusto greatly, a hurricane arrived in Maine with 50 mph winds. We were nearly blown off the top of the mountain, so we waited until the afternoon and met Annie at her room at The West St Hotel.

As Annie prepared, Tony headed to their spot to prepare. We arrived a bit later, as the evening glow of sunset lit up the blueberry barrens and Annie and Tony saw one another for the first time. In freezing temps and a gale, Annie never showed the chill as she and Tony united for a continued life together. They had a beautiful ceremony, followed by delicious Maine whoopie pies, sunset glow, and two very happy and wonderful humans and a four -legged friend.


PS… can everyone PLEASE bring their dog?! I’d like all the pets & love, please.