In the heart of Girdwood, Alaska, these two were the draw for a beautiful Raven Glacier Lodge wedding. These two, well they mean a lot to me. They were the essence of a summer filled with full-circle happenings.

We all make choices, and at times this year investment, income & other aspects of work have come up in discussions. I realized while saying it, and really have come to even more fully support the idea that my work, my business, my company is more than a job. These people are my friends, my clients are my community, and they often become important pieces of my life. Sure, I may have a different model for my business (one that doesn’t always prioritize my own income), but I wouldn’t trade all the rest I gain for that. I have gained life-long friends, clients I dance and party with when my hours end, who I call and text for years after, who I stay with when I visit their stomping grounds, who enrich my day-to-day life. That’s pretty special, to do what you love and do it with a community you love.

So, these two. 2 years ago, I flew to the never-ending sun for my 2cnd trip to Alaska to celebrate with a couple (that I ALSO adore!). While I was there, I offered out a session &¬† met these two. My first moments with them were in their big ol’ white creeper van, driving the coast of Alaska, laughing and me napping in the bed they had set up in the back for their adventures. We crawled waterfalls, and then went to the Girdwood woodland festival together. I had friends for life. Fast forward 2 years, both of those couples have remained close friends, so when these two told me of their plans, it was an obvious yes to be a part. This time, I flew to the never-ending sun to celebrate their marriage, and then hung around to visit and stay with my past clients, who were the root of me meeting these two (and see how their beautiful family has grown, welcome miss Hanna!). If that isn’t full circle, nothing is.

I’ve been lucky to follow Kayla & Lane the past through years, with check-ins, facebook followings, and chats. They are without fail two of the most wonderful people on this planet, and a couple who remind me of some beautiful plant each on their own, and together, a blooming garden. Kindness, compassion, endless talent, wild hearts¬† & souls, truly beautiful people. I can say in full honesty how thankful I am that fate (or whatever you want to call it) allowed them to find one another, because they truly are a gift to this world. It was a lifelong treasure to be a part of this day, and to share in their happiness. I love you both.