Alaska summer wedding. Sign me up. I’ve felt that way a long time and i’ve been lucky to capture some dreamy moments the past years in this wondrous place. But to come back for this Alaska summer wedding for my best Sarah and her love Nathan, two people I cherish more than any on this planet, was an utter heaven.

From the moments shared over the years with these two, to the laughter and love shared with not only them but their incredible friends and families will forever mark my heart. I was welcomed with arms that couldn’t have been more open by the beautiful group of people who so intentionally choose one another, and being with them to celebrate such beautiful people as Sarah and Nathan was all of our joy. Sarah was (as you can see) the most stunning bride, and even in the pouring rain, their love and the gift they are to this world shines endless. I wouldn’t have traded a moment of this day, because we will forever have the best memories to cherish, and it truly could not be more Alaskan.

Any girl that I love this much, who sits on the side of the car on her wedding day pulling on Tufs with me, will forever have my heart too. Nathan, you’re a lucky guy, but I know you know that. 😉 You both, my heart can never tell you what you mean to me nor the joy, honor and gift it was to be a part of this day with you and celebrate such a beautiful Alaska summer wedding celebration. Love you forever my sweet friends.

And, to an incredible team that made this day possible: A Touch of Saige, Lazy Mountain Acres Peony Farm, Sal’s NY Catering, Stage Door Beauty, AK Lash Studio (adore this woman!!!), Black Spruce Esthetics, Bloomsbury Blooms, Rish Bridal, Special Events Alaska, Ardy’s Cakes, Woodrow.