I’m a wild hearted gal, who chases mountains and seas, and believes in the endless capacity of love. I believe in holding ourselves to be ever more honest & compassionate. I think art is rooted in the deepest parts of our humanity, and creating through photographs is the greatest gift I have to share with the world.

You’ll find me with my pup Fern, rambling on open roads & planting myself amongst those who love the wild. I grew up in a national park, literally. I’m from an island off the coast of Maine, and my folks are currently biologists for Acadia National Park. The lifetime of conservation work across the country that they have done and passion for the incredible planet we live on were instilled in me, and I can’t imagine myself loving a lifestyle any more.

At any given moment, I’ll probably have tea or coffee nearby. I listen to the NPR, documentaries and audiobooks like it’s my job, and dig gardening & baking/cooking for some simple living.  I think dirt is good for the soul, and that letting go of fear of wild hair, running in the rain, and dusty feet is the most valuable path to happy. I’m endlessly inspired by the makers and doers of this planet, and i hope to live honestly & grounded, no matter where my bare feet take me.

Enough of my story, I want to hear yours!

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Destination, Elopement & Wedding Photographer From Jackson Hole

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming