There are a ton of incredible Jackson Hole wedding venues, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. I’ve curated a list of my 30 best venues in the area, and organized them by type. You’ll find a few featured snippets on a couple of my favorite spots. Planning a wedding can daunting, but this list will help you chose the right spot for your vows!

Jackson Hole Ranch Wedding at Trail Creek Ranch


Alex, who is the lead organizer at Trail Creek Ranch is one of the most laid-back, hardworking women I know in this area. She is an absolute gem, super easy to work with, and the location is hard to deny. The history of the ranch is incredibly unique and they offer multiple location options for ceremonies. As well, the direct wedding party can all be hosted at the ranch. Here are a few important things to know about the ranch as a venue:

  1. The ranch hosts weddings from June 15th until October 1st. On average, they hold 2-5 weddings per season.
  2. A wedding planner is required as the ranch itself stays busy with ranching operations. To rent the venue, the avg. costs runs $4500-$5500. Couples are responsible for rentals, catering, music, etc.
  3. The ranch usually books approximately a year in advance, but on occasion can accommodate later bookings for smaller weddings.
  4. One of the best parts of this venue is that it allows couples to have the ranch aesthetic and experience, but completely detail the experience as it fits individually. Food, music, style, design…. it’s all yours to create. The ranch can accommodate casual, personal & intimate experiences (think BBQ & close family and friends) as small as 10 people, and at the same time be perfect for weddings up to 250 people in size with a formal rustic style.

I first connected with Jane, owner of Diamond Cross Ranch through a project I was working on for Filson. Jane has been interviewed and photographed for their Filson Life blog in the past, and we connected over that. Diamond Cross Ranch is well known in the Jackson area for all it offers its incredible location. Here are few important details about Diamond Cross Ranch:

  1. As of late March 2019, they have approximately 20 weddings booked for this coming season. Some couples have also chosen weekdays- this is great options, so don’t miss it!
  2. Investment is always dependent on a variety of factors, but generally here’s a quick peek. For 2019, weddings of 100 people or less begin at $7500.
  3. Couples generally book at least a year in advance. Sometimes, dates are available for the same year, but if you’d like a specific date, it’s always smart to be planning in advance. [ Side note, this goes for a lot of vendors. As a photographer, I can speak to the same. I do have some dates remaining for 2019 and encourage couples to let me know their ideal month, and I’ll offer dates I have. Primarily, I’m now booking 2020.]
  4. Diamond Cross has a few unique features that make it one of the more sought after Jackson Hole Wedding Venues. Magnificent views of the Teton Range are a pretty superb starting point. The venue also offers a 13,000 sq ft event center so that weather is never an issue. [ Don’t be fooled, overcast days make for the most incredible lighting and many of the most incredible images I’ve taken have happened during the most adverse weather!] The trade mark feature of the venue is their ceremonies. Just before the couple say their vows, the venue releases their horses into the pasture in front of guests. They usually enter running, which is a pretty incredible way to celebrate a wild love.
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Ski Wedding


Snow King is favorite spot for locals & folks who have loved this area for years. Located in downtown Jackson it offers full accommdations, food options, activities, and just about everything else you could want. I chatted with Olivia who runs their special events about a few key details:

  1. As a growing wedding venue, they hope to continue blooming and are able to host weddings all year. This year, they have approximately 15-20 weddings scheduled.
  2. The venue offers a few spaces for weddings and ceremonies depending on the desires of the couple. [Think indoors or on top of Snow King itself!] They can accommodate small groups of 10 up to larger weddings of 250 people. On average, most couples spend $15000 to $25000 when booking the venue & it’s offerings.
  3. Olivia also suggests couples give themselves at least 9 months to plan, but the more time the better so that you can enjoy the experience and keep it low-stress, while also being able to focus on little details!
Jackson Hole Country Club Wedding


I’ve always enjoyed working with Mr. Cole and JHG&TC. A wonderful location and views, accompanied by a variety of accommodations makes for an all-encompassing experience for guests and the couple. Here are a few key details:

  1. JHG&TC books weddings from May through October. On average, they host about 25 weddings per year.
  2. Investment for weddings here tends to range between $150 and $220 per person all included.
  3. They also recommend booking about a year in advance.
  4. The venues special details are its view of the Tetons, country-club style experience, onsite catering & being only 10 minutes away from town while offering all of the above!
Amangani Wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Bentwood Inn is an acclaimed inn and one of only a few with this experience in the area. They take great care with attention to detail & put a lot of work into making guests experience unforgettable. Run by Andy & Nastassia (along with Mikey & Odie), you’ll without fail know your investment has value. I spoke with them to get a little extra info:

  1. On average, they host 6-8 weddings per year and 4-6 elopements.
  2. Dependent on the season, they usually rent out the entire lodge for the close family and friends of the wedding party. On average, with lodging and breakfast included, couples generally spend $8,000 to $12,000 to reserve the venue.
  3. Generally, couples book 1-1.5 years in advance.
  4. The inn certainly offers a unique and personal experience. The atmosphere is cozy, intimate and perfect for a wedding weekend surrounded by friends and family. They also offer chef-prepared breakfasts for all guests staying at the inn! YUM!
Jackson Hole Elopement in Grand Teton National Park


The only place like it in the country, I’m a sucker for unique venues like this. I love going to the museum to explore the exhibits and special installations, but the incredible architecture & outdoor landscaping are probably my favorite part of this incredible Jackson Hole venue. After talking with Wendy, who manages events at the museum, I got a bit of info for prospective clients:

  1. On average, the museum hosts 25 weddings per year, at all times of the year, ranging from 2 people to 150.
  2. Wendy kindly shared with me the commonly asked faqs and price sheet as the venue offers a variety of options and spaces. After taking a peek, a good estimate would something between $5,000 and $20,000 to book, all aspects included. This would definitely fluctuate based on number of guests, added rental choices, meals, etc.
  3. It is definitely recommended that couples inquire a minimum of a year in advance, particularly for summer dates!
  4. Outside of the incredible architecture, the museum overlooks the National Elk Refuge which is quite a view all on its own. They also have a beautiful terrace and 14 galleries of art!