This list of the top 15 best elopement locations in Grand Teton National Park & Jackson Hole will guarantee incredible views and unbelievable images.

  1. Schwabacher Landing
  2. The Wedding Tree
  3. Mormon Row
  4. The Snake River
  5. Curtis Canyon
  6. National Elk Refuge
  7. Teton Pass
  8. String Lake
  9. Top of the Tram- Rendezvous Mountain
  10. Hidden Falls
  11. Oxbow Bend
  12. Snake River Overlook
  13. Chapel of Transfiguration
  14. Jenny Lake
  15. Teton Park Road

All of these locations offer mind-blowing views worthy of lifetime commitments and are some of my favorite spots to suggest to clients who chose to have me capture their weddings. Here’s a bit more information about each location!

Hey Elopers & Visitors to GTNP & Jackson Hole!

Don’t forget to follow Leave No Trace policies at all of these locations to keep the experience and natural landscape preserved for those who visit after you.

Schwabacher Landing

Schwabacher Landing is probably one of the most popular locations for visitors to GTNP, and for good reason. Incredible views of the Tetons, easy access and parking, and possibilities to see wildlife in the marshy locations around the trail. This spot is harder to access in winter months (skis or snowshoes would be required) but a dream through summer months! Don’t forget to get a permit for any ceremony with the park service!

The Wedding Tree

A lesser-known spot, the Wedding Tree is one of nature’s coolest spots. Located in Bridger-Teton National Forest, this spot offers a perfectly outlined view of the Tetons through two uniquely shaped trees. Beyond that, multiple campsites are available first-come-first-serve & the spot maintains a secretive popularity. No permit is required, but a reservation with the Forest Service is a great choice to ensure two ceremonies don’t overlap.

Mormon Row

Another of GTNP’s most frequented locations, this historical row of homesteads often quiets in the evenings and given the size, quiet spots can certainly be found! Also harder to access in the winter (skis, splitboard, or snowshoes and a few miles in), it’s well worth the effort any time of year. In summer months, this spot has extremely easy access. As it’s a part of GTNP, be sure to contact the park for a permit!

The Snake River

The Snake River is one of Teton Valley’s more incredible sights. Winding through the mountains, numerous locations along the Snake offer incredible views. For extra fun, try fly-fishing & river rafting! There are more private access points that require more effort, and areas that are very accessible at any time of year!

Curtis Canyon

A personal favorite of mine, this lesser-known Forest Service area is one-of-a-kind. Be sure your photographer and officiant are familiar and prepared for this spot (4WD/ High Clearance is a must!)– with that in place, you’re guaranteed an incredible experience. Overlooking Teton Valley, the Tetons, and most of the landscape around Jackson Hole there really aren’t too many spots like this. Numerous camping sites are available first-come-first-serve which makes for a pretty magical backcountry elopement. The wildflowers here can also be absolute magic!

National Elk Refuge

One of Jackson’s coolest features, the National Elk Refuge is unlike any place, and in the winter, well worth the guided sleigh tour to learn about the elk herd and history of the refuge. Having grown up in the National Park Service, I often am a skeptic when it comes to guided tourism, but without fail, I always recommend this to visitors. Reach out to the refuge to learn about options!

Teton Pass

Teton Pass is a popular spot among locals, but often overlooked for photo sessions in my opinion. In the summer, numerous trails into the Tetons themselves offer massive opportunities to find a location that’s yours only. In the winter, ski-touring and split-boarding trails fill the trails & a few locations offer easy access to incredible winter images.

String Lake

A popular location with Grand Teton National Park, String Lake is known for its crystal-clear waters and looped trail around the lake. Add a bit of adventure to your elopement and hike the trail until you find the perfect spot! Be sure to check with the National Park Service for a wedding permit!

Top of the Tram- Rendezvous Mountain

The top of the tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is one of Jacksons most popular attractions. Big Red is nationally known, and the view from the top of Rendezvous Mountain is hard to deny. In the summer, regular trips up offer views of the entire valley, and in the winter, join skiers and snowboarders for waffles at Corbett’s Cabin & the most epic ceremony exit down the mountain!

Hidden Falls

With a few ways to access the falls, the trail to the falls itself is considered easy & under 2 miles. The falls are a magnificent part of GTNP! Look into options for access and decide what fits you best and find folks willing to adventure with you! Grab a park permit for a ceremony through the parks online wedding permit page for $125!

Oxbow Bend

Another of Grand Teton’s most visited & photographed spots, the reflection of Mount Moran is easily recognized. This is also a great spot for local wildlife sightings! Moose, river otters, waterfowl, birds of prey & sometimes bears are all common sights. Check with the park about a permit!

Snake River Overlook

With easy access most of the year, and incredible sunset & sunrise views of the Tetons and winding curves of the Snake River, this roadside pullout is easily a favorite. The autumn colors can be magnificent and wildlife views all around that area are plentiful! The bison heard is a popular attraction as you head north towards Togwotee Pass! Don’t forget that park permit!

Chapel of Transfiguration

This historic chapel built in 1925 offers seating for up to about 65 guests and is located about 15 minutes out of Jackson, near one of the park entrances. The Chapel is available from June to September for ceremonies based on the schedule of St. John’s Church. Visit their website to learn more and contact them for further details!

Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake offers numerous locations options, places to stay, activities and dining! This area of the park is about as all-encompassing as you can get and you can enjoy the park your entire trip without ever leaving the boundaries! Contact the park for permitting options. This spot is primarily available in summer months!

Teton Park Road

Also open during summer months primarily, this road gives you some of the best of Grand Teton National Park. I’m a big advocate of this option for free-spirits and early-risers. (Sunset works too!) In the early summer mornings, cruise the road with your officiant and photographer (my partner and I offer both for folks looking to keep the ceremony personal, and there are a few great local officiants bound to be on-board!) and chose a spot along the way. Roam free as the sun rises and run around the fields below the Tetons together! Snap a permit with the park (chose a nearby location for the permit!).

Those are some great spots in the Jackson Hole & Grand Teton National Park area for couples looking to elope within this magnificent place! Feel free to reach out about working together for full access to my locations guide (including my secret spots) and my full planning guides to eloping in Jackson Hole & GTNP . See you out there!