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open roads baby.

I was born to roam. Pre-checked for security and on the road for more that 50% of the work I do, I'm always ecstatic at the idea of new places & new faces. Sharing our love for the mountains, rivers, seas, deserts, and forests that make our heart sing is one of the most simple & beautiful gifts we have to give. 2016 & 2017 have taken me through more than 25 states, from Maine to Alaska and off to Hawaii working with the most wild-souled lovers. If I'm in your spot already, travel is complimentary. If not, we'll customize a package that unites us to create.

My roots are planted in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for most of the year, where I live with my pup in our tiny-house! For part of the summer and fall I return to the island I grew up on in Maine, capturing lovers from my second home-base. I love the west and the landscape here beyond words, but I also love the incredible beauty of the east & the world as a whole and celebrating and learning from the places that make your heart sing.Regardless of where that spot is, I'll be there.

Travel Schedule




Jackson Hole, Wyoming



Boulder, CO


August- October

August 10-12 : Vermont


Bar Harbor, Maine


October- December

Jackson Hole, Wyoming





Lake Willoughby, Vermont

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