you have a story, a connection to someone, something, somewhere. i tell stories with images.

i believe in millions of little stories making one that tells of who we are at the moment we look back on them all. no moment is worth forgetting, because we are constantly growing, experiencing and forming who we are and what we have to offer.

being a part of stories and moments in your life is something i value greatly. capturing the intricacies of being humans.  creating art, being a maker, it’s where my pride is built. telling stories in images with emotions is something that grows infectious energy. capturing your greatest accomplishments, be it in love, or in a brand or product you’ve created inspires me and fills my heart.  brands are the art of makers, the big and the small, and i’m proud to be a part of it all. i love telling stories of the most beautiful and driven minds. i love exploring all the wildest places on this planet.

i like humans that pursue love above all, that chase dreams, and who never stop growing. when we create together, we will make something raw and beautiful, that tells the story of you.  we’ll get to know each other, flow through creating, and capture moments on mountains, at the sea or in the forest. we’ll capture your intimate beauty at home, or maybe travel together and tell the story of your road trip with your babe. show me what you love.erin-wheat-photographer-2-204x300 send me a line.


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