erin-5887 MEET ERIN


you’ve found me. i probably have my pup fern riding shotgun in my truck, a backpack packed for an adventure;  or surrounded by notes and inspiration scheming new creative projects with coffee in hand.

i have a story.

i didn’t grow up somewhere, im growing up everywhere. i’m a vessel of moments and places and people, of days lived. my soul is made up mountains, the biggest evergreens, and the sea. the west coast is where my soul lights on fire; but i love the world, i love to chase beauty in the darkest spaces. i’ve seen the best and worst of times and climbed some mountains that seemed never ending. i’m incredibly lucky to have struggled. i’ve loved and i’ve lost. i’m not afraid to talk about anything. i don’t wish any of it away, because it’s brought me to this place and given me so much connection to the world.

i have a laid back yet chaotic mind constantly spinning new ideas and dreams, and a trail of notes everywhere i go. i rise up with the sun and watch unusually large numbers of documentaries. i believe in environmentalism, indigenous rights, and the handmade movement, laughter and never slowing the flow that keeps me spinning.

vermont-photography-nature-erin-wheat-300x185 MEET ERIN